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Face of Warrior Tattoo on Arm

Colorful Warrior Tattoo on Biscep

Lion Tattoo on Bicep

Another tattoo for you arm or bicep is of a Lion, This golden color lion boost your personality.

Jesus Christ Tattoo Design

What to say about this tattoo, this Jesus Tattoo is so beautiful … a very elegant tattoo design showing Jesus Christ on the arm. This jesus tattoo is adding something special in the personality of the man.

Flying Egyptian Scarab Tattoo

This is an insect tattoo, the tattoo is of an Egyptian scarab beetle. The beetle is flying and is coming towards you. I’ve not seen this type of tattoo design so for me this Egyptian scarab tattoo or a beetle tattoo is a kind of unique tattoos.¬† The best place for this tattoo is on lower neck, at biscep or on back of the hand.

Muhammad Ali Tattoo Design for Fans

Boxer Muhammad Ali fans can have this tattoo design. The picture of  Muhammad Ali can be printed as a tattoo on the biscep.

Neat and Clean Eagle Patriotic Tattoo

Here we go with a patriotic tattoo design today. This is an eagle with a US flag colors. This tattoo is for US people only..But the person who love US can also have the tattoo on his arms or biceps.  The tattoo as you can see is very neat and clean and looks really fantastic.

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