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Grey Bug Tattoo

This is a tattoo of Scorpio which is dark grey in color. The Scorpio designed in this tattoo have some bluish color on its body. The claws of Scorpio are very sharp. The Scorpio shown in this tattoo is of Arachnid class. The suitable place for this tattoo is on neck and on biceps.

Scorpio Tattoo

This is a bug tattoo. In this tattoo Scorpio is of dark pink color. This tattoo shows that the Scorpio caught the heart of the human being and there is a coin at the side of the bug. we can designed this tattoo at our neck and at lower back. It looks very beautiful.

Bug Tattoo with Wings

Below we have a tattoo of bug with wings. The bug is of dark purple color and the wings are of yellow-brown color. As in the picture the bug is flying towards pyramid in the circle.

Red Bug Tattoo on Neck

A lady with a bug tattoo on neck. This is a small red colored bug with black dots on its wings.

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