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Golden Butterfly Tattoo Design

Here is an amazing tattoo of butterfly. In this tattoo butterfly have a golden color with shinning surface. The blue color at the lower wing is very beautiful. This tattoo is designed on a back and on stomach.

Large Shinning Butterfly Tattoo

Here we have a large size of butterfly tattoo. The butterfly is in blueish and greenish color. These colors give shiny look to butterfly. This tattoo can be design on a chest and on back.

Blue Small Butterfly Tattoo

This is a small butterfly tattoo. Here the color of the butterfly is dark blue and white colors of dots are shown. It appears to be so beautiful. This tattoo is suitable for neck and at lower back.

Wonderful Tattoo Of Butterfly

This is the another wonderful tattoo of butterfly. There are two colors shown in the tattoo both have different looks. We can design this tattoo on chest and shoulder.

Shinning Tattoo Of Butterfly

It is a glorious tattoo of butterfly. The blue shinning color of a butterfly appears to be so wonderful. This is a amazing design tattoo. This tattoo can be design on a chest, biceps and at lower back.

Butterfly Tattoo With Beautiful Colours

Here we have a butterfly tattoo with dark yellow color. The outer layer of a butterfly is of blackish color that is appears to be so beautiful. The best place for this tattoo is on biceps, leg and on chest.

Butterfly Angel Tattoo

This is a cute angel tattoo of butterfly. It is a lovely design of yellow and black color. This is a wonderful tattoo designed at biceps and on shoulder.