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Cross Religious Tattoo on Chest

Cross Religious Tattoo on Chest

Painful Heart Tattoo on Chest

Another Painful Heart Tattoo for chest. A drop of blood is coming out of the heart.¬† The two hands tattoo and bird tattoo are different tattoos. Don’t mix them with the¬†Painful Heart Tattoo.

Made With Pride in the USA Patriotic Tattoo Design

Here is a Patriotic tattoo for those who feel proud of using things made in USA. This is definitely a beautiful tattoo design for USA products lovers. One can pierce tattoo on any flat place of the body such as chest, back bicep etc.

Beautiful Star Tattoo Design

It is a beautiful star tattoo design. The sky blue color shown in the star appears to be so wonderful. The best place for this tattoo is on biceps and chest.

Shinning Star Tattoo

Now we have a nice star tattoo design. It is very shiny and colorful star. There is a circle like shape design in the star. It can be design on chest and back.

White Star Tattoo

It is a nice design star tattoo. It is of white color. Both boys and girls can design this tattoo. The best place for this tattoo is on chest and on back.

Dragon Tattoo In Black Colour

This is a dragon tattoo design in a black color. The best place for this tattoo is on biceps and on chest.

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