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Burning Heart and Cross Sad Tattoo

This is a sad tattoo picture where we can see a cross and heart are burning. Two drops of blood or tears are also coming out of the heart.

Friends showing Religious Cross Tattoo

Here in the picture below there are two friends showing Christian cross tattoo..which is also a religious tattoo. This is a simple tattoo for the wrist.

User Submitted : Cross with Wings Tattoo

Big Cross Tattoo for Arm

A Big cross arm tattoo is also a good option for college going kids. As you can see the colors of the tattoo are bright. Black outline filedin greenish blue color. The tattoo can only be pierced on the arm due to its size. But that doesn’t mean that you can not use this type of tattoo on other body parts. Make it small and you are ready to go it on neck, bicep and all over the body.

Religious Cross Armband Tattoo Design

An armband tattoo showing a beautiful and religious cross tattoo.


Heart And Cross Tattoo Design

A very touching tattoo design showing a heart and cross sign burning.


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