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Dancing Fantasy Tattoo with Fire and Water on Back

Tattoo of Flame Coming from Heart

It is a different type of flame tattoo. The flame is coming out of heart, shown in this tattoo. We can design this tattoo on biceps, shoulder and on chest.

Elegant Flame Tattoo Design

Here we have elegant Flame tattoo. The best place for this tattoo is on neck and stomach.

Flame Tattoo

Below we have a flame tattoo. The suitable place for this tattoo is on waist and at lower back.

Ultimate Dragon Tattoo

This is a wonderful dragon tattoo i must say. The tattoo has a black dragon and red flames around it everywhere. I like this tattoo very much and i will surely have it on my bicep today itself. What about you guys out there?

Red Flame Tattoo Design


Yellow Flames Symbol Tattoo

A cool flames tattoo for shoulders.