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Love Word Heart Tattoo

Another heart tattoo for lovers is here.In this tattoo word LOVE is flagged on the heart. This is a simple yet attractive tattoo.This tattoo is symbol of love.

Anthony Word Heart Tattoo

Today we have got a new type of heart tattoo. In this tattoo a sword is cutting the heart,where anthony is written. We can also see the heart is kept over some lily flowers. This tattoo is for a girl whose heart is broken.

Painful Heart Tattoo on Chest

Another Painful Heart Tattoo for chest. A drop of blood is coming out of the heart.¬† The two hands tattoo and bird tattoo are different tattoos. Don’t mix them with the¬†Painful Heart Tattoo.

Sad Heart Tattoo Design

In this Sad Heart Tattoo Design there is a drop of tear coming out of the eye in the middle of the heart, maybe the heart is getting pain due to the thorns surrounding it.

Heart Tattoo Design on Foot

Ladies will definitely love this heart tattoo design on foot. What about men do they love to have this tattoo on their lady??

Heart on Lower Back Tattoo

Below we have a lower back heart design tattoo. It is a beautiful tattoo with black color. We can design this tattoo on lower back and also on stomach.

Cool Dragon Tattoo

This cool tattoo design shows a dragon taking care of a heart. Which means that this tattoo is for the lovers who want to protect their loved ones on any cost. This tattoo design can be used at neck and at the wrist.