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Warrior Long Face Tattoo

Angry warrior face tattoo for arm and leg.

Warrior on Horse Tattoo

In this tattoo a warrior is sitting on his horse and ready to fight. The warrior holding a sword tattoo.

St. Pauli Girl Tattoo

St. Pauli GirlĀ  serving pitcher of beer tattoo looks on good on the leg. The girl is holding 3 mugs of bear in each hand and is wearing hot dress.

Red Rose Flower Tattoo

Shining Purple Rose Flower Tattoo

A picture of a shiny purple rose flower tattoo. The tattoo is a rare colour. The rose is with a long stem and some leaves on it. This looks cool on the legs and arms.

Skull Tattoo of Joker

Today we have joker skull tattoo. Tattoo seems to be a 3d tattoo designs. Looks like joker is coming out of the flesh of the man’s leg. The skull is wearing a clown/ joker’s hat.

Wonderful Design Of Tribal Tattoo

This is a wonderful design of tribal tattoo. This is a Mendie design for girls. It can be design on a foot, legs and hand. This tattoo is appears to be very cute, mostly designed by girls.

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