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Bio Mechanical Snake Tattoo on Arm

This is a beautiful red and grey color snake tattoo. The snake look like biomechanical thing. This tattoo looks excellent on arm of strong men.

Tortoise Shaped Aircraft Flying High Tattoo Design

Here is a collection of so many multicolor tattoos on the girl’s arm. Below is a golden color palace shining at night. On the place of night moon there is a rock which has lots of eyes and is watching everything going on. In the front a tortoise shaped green aircraft is flying. The tattoos  collectively make a scary fantasy tattoo design.

Dragon Reptile Tattoo

Blue Snake Tattoo

This is a reptile snake tattoo. The snake is of blue color. There is a skull from which the snake is passing, designed in this tattoo. A golden color crown is on the head of the snake. This snake is looks like a King. Here the red flower is also designed in this tattoo. The suitable place for this tattoo is on chest and shoulder.

Two Chameleons Tattoo

Here we have a reptile tattoo of chameleon. The two chameleons are shown in this tattoo, sitting on a branch of flower. The flower is of brown and yellow color, designed between the chameleons. Both the chameleons are appears to be very dangerous. We can design this tattoo on neck. stomach or at lower back.

Snake and Skull Tattoo

Below we have a snake and skull tattoo. This tattoo is appears to be very dangerous. This tattoo is designed in such a way that the snake is passing from mouth of skull. There is a long tongue of snake show in this tattoo. This tattoo can be designed on back or at chest.

Dolphins and Turtle Tattoo

Below we have a double designed tattoo. In this tattoo turtle is of green color. In center two dolphins jumping in upward position from the water. There is a sun shown in this tattoo. This is a fancy tattoo. Both boys and girls can design this tattoo. The suitable place for this tattoo is on biceps, leg or at shoulder.