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Floral Tattoo on Stomach Tattoo

Another beautiful tattoo on stomach for girls,some multi-colour flowers and some bushes deep below the stomach.

Skull Tattoo on Stomach

As you can see in the picture this is a big skull tattoo. This tattoo is on the fat man’s tummy. And the skull tattoo looks really cool.

Pistol in Pants Dangerous Tattoo Design

A Pistol in Pants dangerous tattoo design is one of my favorite tattoo. I personally have this tattoo design. The tattoo is for fun loving people who want to look different. Pirate lovers can must have this type of tattoo added for their personality.

Tribal Tattoo On Stomach

This is a lovely design tribal tattoo. The tattoo is in dark black color. The best place for this tattoo is on stomach and at lower back.

Small Tribal Tattoo Design

It is a small and lovely tribal tattoo design. The tattoo with black color can be designed on waist, stomach and neck.

Golden Butterfly Tattoo Design

Here is an amazing tattoo of butterfly. In this tattoo butterfly have a golden color with shinning surface. The blue color at the lower wing is very beautiful. This tattoo is designed on a back and on stomach.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Design

It is a good looking butterfly tattoo. The purple color of butterfly designed at the back appears to be so cute. Girls can also design this tattoo on stomach also.