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Anthony Word Heart Tattoo

Today we have got a new type of heart tattoo. In this tattoo a sword is cutting the heart,where anthony is written. We can also see the heart is kept over some lily flowers. This tattoo is for a girl whose heart is broken.

Justice Word Tattoo

Need Justice! here is a cool way…go get it!

Animal Liberation Word Tattoos

The next tattoo we are submitting today is for animal lovers. Especially for those who fight for the freedom of animals. This word tattoo can be pierced on the arms or wrist.

Word Tattoo for net Lovers

Today we came across a new type of tattoo the @ tattoo. The tattoo as you can see in the picture looks cool. The net guys and gals get ready to pierce this tattoo on your body.
Word Tattoos

Luck Be a Lady Word Tattoo

So what you say about this word tattoo “Luck be a Lady”. This is an elegant tattoo looks nice. A shining star is in the middle of the tattoo. And we can also see a lady is offering a cup of wine.
Word Tattoo

Beautiful Word Tattoos

The girl having simply BEAUTIFUL word tattoo design at her neck. This neck tattoo can only be used by girls who have short hairstyles.

MD Word Tattoo Design

A latest tattoo design for legs, made in shape of hurrican katrina surrounding “MD”. You and write any thing in place of MD but they should be of 2 characters to suit the shape of the tattoo.


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